Thursday, April 26, 2018

GR653 Via Tolosana Day 11: Anglès - Boissezon

Anglès looked much better this morning in the sunshine than it did yesterday in the fog. It's a pilgrim-friendly town, with an inexpensive municipal hostel for those who stop overnight and public toilets and drinking water for those who pass through. The bakery opens at 6:30 and the epicèrie at 7:30 for picnic supplies. We headed out of town past a field of curious cows and into the woods in the crisp morning air.

We passed some logging operations that made me feel like I was back in Canada.

Then we turned a corner and suddenly a vast plain of lowlands appeared before us. We have come to the end of the mountains! From here, it's all more or less flat as far as the Pyrenees!

We descended along a dirt track, walked along the edge of fields of young wheat swarming with annoying black flies, and stopped under a leafy canopy for lunch.

Then came the final descent into the village of Boissezon, where we were overjoyed to find the pilgrim gîte waiting for us on the road into town, and the two pilgrims from Limoges who have been sharing the gîtes with us already installed, with instructions to show us to our rooms. This is five-star gîte! It costs a little more than the others (€18) but we each have our own room, with a view over the village. Downstairs is a large and well-equipped kitchen, with a dining room and lounge. A sofa! When was the last time I sat on a sofa??

We did worry for a while about dinner, however, when we saw that the only shop in town is closed until Monday... But Agnes, who runs the gîte, asked the owner to open the shop just for us five pilgrims, and so we were able to buy groceries, cook dinner and share a meal all together. After dinner I opened the gîte guestbook and found that a friend I met on the Via Francigena stayed here only four days ago! Perhaps I'll catch up with him further along the Way!

Anglès - Boissezon 20 km 

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