Monday, April 30, 2018

GR653 Via Tolosana Day 15: Revel - Saint Félix-Lauragais


Another easy day. As the weather forecast was for rain today, we planned on walking only a short way. We followed the Rigolle, a stream created in the 18th century to feed the Canal du Midi, for about 10 km before leaving it (and the GR) to cut through the fields to Cadenac, the village where we had booked our accommodations for the evening.

Tonight we are sleeping in a yurta! This is another reason for the brevity of today's walk: in addition to the threat of rain, the attraction of staying in an unusual setting! 

I stayed in a yurta in the Via Francigena, between Pietrasanta and Camaiore (see blog post). This one is smaller and is rented to groups of up to 4 people. It has a table and chairs and a kettle - all we need for breakfast - and a woodstove in case it gets cool in the evening. 

We arrived early and as the threatened rain had still not materialised, we dropped off our bags and went for a walk (what else would walkers do in their spare time?) up the hill to the village of Saint-Felix-Lauragais. 

From here we could see as far as the snow-topped mountains of the Pyrenees! 

After determining that the town, though it contained a fair number of houses, a tourist information office and a church renowned for its pipe organ, had no places of business other than a pharmacy (not required), a bakery which is closed on Monday and a café which is closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday (there was a blank space by Thursday on the sign,  presumably leaving the owners free to decide whether or not to open on a Thursday), we headed back down the hill to our yurta for the evening, and around five o'clock it did indeed begin to rain. So we can enjoy listening to the sound of the rain and the wind in the trees from our unusual shelter! 

Revel - Saint Félix-Lauragais 14 km

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  1. Joanne, Thanks for giving me the chance to stay at this unique shelter and experience unforgettable moments. In addition, giving me pleasure to remind our paths. I like to read your vivid and witty writing. Can you keeping it? Thanx in advance.^^