Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sentiero Liguria 13: Alassio - Imperia

Alassio - Imperia
27 km

Having thrown in my lot with Aldo, the pilgrim from Genoa I met in Albenga, I checked into the same hotel in Alassio so we could dine together and set off together in the morning. In the end we walked together all day and he invited me along to stay with his brother and family above Imperia.
We walked all morning through the hills and all afternoon along the seaside in the hot sunshine, then up the hill to the brother's agriturismo where we had a delicious dinner in fine company.
Will fill in more details at the end of the walk - only two days to go to Ventimiglia!

October beach 


Looking back over Lagueglia and Alassio

Medieval bridge

Cervo and Diano Marina in the distance




L'Incompiuta - the "Unfinished" cycling and pedestrian path

The church of San Luca, on the way up the hill to our resting place for the night

The view from the church of San Luca

Today's route

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