Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Round the world

Congratulations to my friend Matthieu Gauvain who just finished cycling around the world!

Looks like he got a haircut along the way.

36,140 km
993 days
25 countries
1 planet
You can view his route and read all about it on his travel blog (in French)

I was happy to host Matthieu and Sara with whom he was travelling back in February of 2013 when they contacted me through Couchsurfing. Their odometers logged 1000 km just as they arrived under my door in Chiavari (from Lyon), and the next day was Matthieu's 24th birthday, and the first day I went hiking with my English-speaking hiking group, which led to all kinds of things.

The following day they got SNOWED IN and had to spend an extra night in Chiavari, and Sara and Matthieu made me proper French crepes.

Fond memories of two and a half years, 35,140 km and 24 countries ago - for Matthieu!

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