Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 19: Siena - Lucignano d'Arbia

17.5 km
Leaving Siena through Porta Romana on a foggy morning
Unfortunately this spread is laid out not for pilgrims, but for a cycling group
Via di Certosa in the mist
Certosa - now a hotel
On this leg of the trip I met Andrea and Selvaggia, from Versilia, who are walking to Rome on their honeymoon - with two little dogs!
As the curtain of fog is drawn, the beauty of the clay hills south of Siena is revealed 
Within a few hours we had left Siena far behind
Approaching Cuna! I have always wondered what was within those walls....
And today is the right day to investigate! I was rather disappointed to find that within the walls of the fortress were perfectly ordinary houses. Someone was practicing on a drum kit, and a lady was having an argument with the letter carrier over where to leave the bills.
On the way out I photographed the gate of the fortress and the little chapel outside it.
A little farther down the road I met a German pilgrim on his very first day walking - he had just set out from Siena. Unfortunately we parted ways when I stopped for lunch in a very scenic spot.
The Crete Senesi - clay hills of Siena 
I then continued just a little farther before deciding I had had enough walking for today. It was too far to reach Resta in a single day of walking so I left the Via Francigena at Quinciano, walked down to Lucignano d'Arbia and ended my day's walk in this lovely village.
Lucignano d'Arbia - the washing well
Lucignano d'Arbia - the washing well
Lucignano d'Arbia - the northern gate
Lucignano d'Arbia
 Lucignano d'Arbia - the church 
Lucignano d'Arbia - the southern gate

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