Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 2: Sestri Levante - Moneglia

Sestri Levante - Punta Manara - Riva Trigoso - Punta Baffe - Moneglia
15.2 km - Elevation gain: 620 m

Blank spots where GPS signal was lost!

My good friend Paola accompanied me on today's stage. We set off this morning from the end point of yesterday's hike: the bar at Luna Blu Beach in Sestri Levante, where we offered some packing and planning advice to the cook, Enza, who is about to set off on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela as soon as beach season is over. In return she offered me a free breakfast :) A very chocolatey pastry and coffee!


The upshot of it was that we actually got walking quite late, and walked right through the hot part of the day. Up and down hills. Carrying a 10 kg backpack. You get the idea!

The views on today's hike were spectacular, both coming up over the Baia del Silenzio in Sestri Levante and above Riva (though somewhat more industrial due to the presence of the giant shipyard, dwarfing the town behind it!

But the highlight for me was the wild boar piglet that crossed the path right on front of us! We waited a bit to make sure a big fat mother boar was not going to follow behind and gore us before proceeding. It was a real treat for me as I had never seen a wild boar before!!! And you know what? They look exactly like the ones Obelix tucks under his arm in the cartoon!!

I didn't manage to take a picture of the wild boar, so here's a picture of a goat instead.

Another highlight was coming around the point and seeing the next day's hiking territory unfolding before me. Here I am at that point - beginning to look a little worse for wear!

When we finally made it down to Moneglia, a refreshing swim awaited us.... (sorry, no gopro - no swimming picture) .... followed by a cold beer! 

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