Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 20: Lucignano d'Arbia - Resta

17 km
 Sara joined me again for the last leg of my Long Walk
Typical landscape of the Crete Senesi
Ponte d'Arbia
Bridge at Ponte d'Arbia damaged by August 24 floods
Le Crete Senesi - the clay hills of Siena
The path runs in parallel with the railway line and occasionally crosses over it
Piana -where the Villaggio della Birra beer festival was held recently
September flowers
Hungry and ready for a rest, not far from Buonconvento we decided to forgo our packed lunches and drop by Mario's restaurant for a dish of pici!
Our timing was just right: as we were coming into Buonconvento I received two phone calls, from Alain (in the blue shirt on the left, from France) and Chantal (in the blue shirt on the right, from Quebec), who were just coming into town with their respective travelling partners and wanted to meet up!
After lunch, and after checking Guy and Chantal into the pilgrims' hostel run by the parish church in Buonconvento, we all headed towards Resta together.
I have finally found the way to walk from Buonconvento to Resta without walking along the highway(hardly) - all you have to do is follow the Via Francigena signs!
A familiar sight, seen with new eyes 
Sara and Marie-Helene lead the way up the hill
My goal is in sight!
We arrive just as the grape harvest is finishing 
Home again! 
Pilgrims in arrival at Resta
A Resta sunset
As a fitting end to a pilgrimage, in the evening I converted to a "hospitaliere", providing dinner and beds for passing pilgrims and travellers, helping them plan the next leg of their walk and even "stamping" their pilgrim passports with my name and address and the date!

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